Singing from the same carol sheet

People say there’s no such thing as Santa Claus, but we know better. Here at BT, we’ve been given a sneak peek into what he gets up to at this time of year, and we can tell you: the normal old fashioned view of him is very much outdated. Forget open fires and one-room workshops: Christmas is a 21st century global business, and Santa himself is CEO.

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Digital re-imagining for utilities – is it turned on or off?

By Simon Ormston, Head of Utilities, BT Global Services

Many high street brands have made real progress in adopting multi-channel retailing in recent years, and this has had the effect of raising the expectations of customers, who require and demand an easy and fast digital experience and they really do want it now. When it comes to utilities, they expect the option to log-on and track their consumption and bill in real-time, with access to round-the-clock support via phone and a multitude of other channels.

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Tim Furmidge

Mobile phone recording regulations – Across the Pond and beyond: On-demand webcast

By Tim Furmidge, Head of Product Management, Financial Technology Services, BT

In November 2011, the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA), now the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), introduced a regulation stating that all financial institutions’ mobile communications must be recorded. The US-based Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform followed the UK’s lead with a similar directive in early 2013.

The rulings are similar, except the FCA regulation is applicable only to UK financial institutions; while the extraterritoriality nature of Dodd-Frank means that foreign banks must comply with the new regulations if they wish to continue to trade with the US and it is limited only to certain sections of the market, such as swaps trading. [Read more…]


Infographic: just a little of that human touch

The average number of avenues we can use to contact our banks, building societies and insurers is a whopping 6.2, including social media, SMS and even video chat. It’s no wonder that it all seems a bit disconnected; research conducted by BT and Avaya revealed that people still crave the simplicity of popping into their local branch for some good old fashioned human interaction. In fact, almost half of people interviewed say that having a named individual to email or phone would help them warm to their financial service providers.

Take a look at our infographic that shows some of the ways that banks, building societies and insurers are giving their communication strategies a human touch: [Read more…]

Mark Jopling

Do banks still need a human touch in the digital age?

By Mark Jopling, vice president retail banking & financial services, BT

With so many things in life today, technology has created an environment where everything is faster and simpler.   While the internet may have started only as a way of sharing information, nowadays there’s not much that can’t be done online. The world of banking, for example, has moved many services online and made them available via mobile apps.   But the question is, when it comes to banking do we really want instant digital service, or is there still a need for the human touch?

Our new study in partnership with Avaya has found that the ways that people are using to connect with their financial service providers has grown by 44 per cent. We conducted a similar study about two years ago, and the results show remarkable levels of growth. Up to 23 per cent of us now connect with our banks using apps, 11 per cent of us use web chats, and for the first time, video calls are being used, with three per cent of people having used it to try and contact with financial services companies in 2014. [Read more…]