Why accessible voice and data is essential for compliance.

By Will Hopkins, Head of Global Finance Sales, Red Box Recorders.

For financial organisations that need to capture voice and data, it’s critical to choose a recording solution that comprehensively meets regulatory and business demands.

Security and resilience are key considerations for any compliance or IT officer. But an equally important priority — and one that shouldn’t be overlooked — is data accessibility. How easy is it to retrieve those vital recordings needed to provide evidence to regulators? [Read more…]


How many ‘R’s are there in financial services regulation?

By Alex Foster, Global Head of Strategy & Business Development, BT Financial Services.

Throughout history, the letter ‘R’ has represented a succession of important codes of conduct.

We have the famous ‘three ‘R’s of education’: reading, writing, and arithmetic, which can be traced back as early as 401 AD from Saint Augustine’s The Confessions (although most historical sources quote a speech by Sir William Curtis in 1795). During the 17th century in the New England colonies they added a fourth ‘R’, that of Religion.

[Read more…]

South East Asia

IT chiefs see infrastructure and innovation as critical success factors

Will the Tiger Cub economies – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand – grow into adult beasts like the Asian Tigers of the 20th century, who won their stripes on the back of sustained export booms? The answer’s not simple. Today’s global economy is different. And so are the challenges.

“[Young Asian people] are wired, empowered by technology,” notes John West, executive director of the Asian Century Institute, in a recent article. Their new-found access to information puts pressure on governments to be more accountable, but it highlights the imperative to stay ahead of their network aspirations too. Advanced IT and telecoms solutions now power everything from global supply chains to the specialist needs of finance and biotechnology. For the Tiger Cubs, they’ll be indispensable to progress. [Read more…]

Robin Farnan, Managing Director, BT Financial Technology Services

Three ways trading technology is changing

By Robin Farnan, Managing Director Financial Technology Services, BT

Traditional broker services are still highly valued, despite the slow recovery of the economy, and the remaining lack of investor confidence. The next five years are set to be a time of change throughout financial services and brokers need to focus on offering a smarter service to stay relevant in the shifting landscape.

This changing use of evolving technology is going have a knock-on effect — both on the trading environment, and on how brokers organize their workflow.  [Read more…]

Robin Farnan, Managing Director, BT Financial Technology Services

Trading: the right decisions at the right time

By Robin Farnan, Managing Director, Financial Technology Services, BT

The trading environment is changing fast and addressing this is high on the industry’s agenda. Pressure on resources is driving some investment banks to restrict trading services with a high level of human interaction to their most profitable clients.

Complex regulations and a still difficult economic climate means there needs to be new levels of collaboration between the human-element and technological trading services offered to clients — delivering a delicate balance between multiple channels, infrastructure and data to determine when, where and how to trade. [Read more…]