Ian Dalton, BT.

Humans, not technologies, transform healthcare

By Ian Dalton, President Global Government & Health.

The human side of technology

A recent event, jointly hosted by BT and health policy think tank ‘The King’s Fund’, featured a talk on delivering higher quality healthcare at lower cost. That talk drove home the message that technology only enables transformation in an organisation — it’s the human systems around the technology that deliver it.

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Chris Lindsay

Improving lives: joining up healthcare through innovation

By Chris Lindsay, Head of Marketing, Global Government & Health

More than ever before, I’m seeing numerous challenges for the healthcare sector. Funding is being squeezed, resources are being stretched and workloads are high. That’s why it’s more important than ever to extract every last drop of use from developments in technology to explore new ways to thrive under these pressures, and provide a constantly improving service.

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Combating congestion with comprehensive communications

The Big Smoke. Town. LDN. Whatever you call it, London is one of the busiest cities in Europe. There are around 7,500 buses, over 22,000 taxis and more than 2.5 million cars all jostling in the city’s roads every single day. So, if you’re an emergency service covering 620 square miles and operating 24/7, how can you make sure that the service you offer is constantly available?

Well, that’s exactly the challenge faced by the London Ambulance Service (LAS). Offering a dependable service in the hustle and bustle of daily life is hard enough, let alone in the face of major events; Royal Weddings, sporting events, even riots and terrorism threats. They needed their voice and data networks to be able to handle the increasing demand on their services, without incurring large costs and maintaining business continuity throughout the rollout of any new service. [Read more…]

Ian Dalton, President, BT Global Health

Changing times at Health and Care Innovation Expo

By Ian Dalton, President, BT Global Health

The NHS must change if it is to survive and remain sustainable.

That was the message from NHS England’s chief executive, Sir David Nicholson, at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2014.

The NHS needs to change because of the challenges it is being asked to overcome – increasing demand, escalating costs, a tightened financial environment and increasing patient expectations. [Read more…]

Richard Phillips

The Nursing Technology Fund: round two

By Richard Phillips, Head of M.Health Practice, BT Global Services

Do you want your nurses to spend more time with their patients? Less time at the desk? The second round of the Nursing Technology Fund is open, releasing funds to help them do just that.

NHS England has made £70 million available in the 2014/15 financial year to support nurses, health visitors and midwives to use digital technology to improve patient care.

With the deadline for expressions of interest fast approaching and many technology areas that will provide demonstrable benefits to staff and patients available, the timescales are tight for you to start developing your thoughts. [Read more…]