Aeroplane image from BT Airlines infographic

How to overcome competition in the aviation industry.

The aviation industry is more competitive than ever before. Here’s how airlines can use the latest technology to gain the edge over their rivals.

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Chet Patel, Head of Propositions and Portfolio

How tomorrow’s tech will transform airline contact centres.

By Chet Patel, President, Global Portfolio and Marketing, BT.

Providing a great customer experience is vital for airlines trying to attract passengers. Here’s how the technology of tomorrow will help them do just that.

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Three wise parents — a Christmas story.

Three overworked parents are late for their children’s nativity play. With the seconds ticking away, only technology can save the day…

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Asset visibility: it’s the Internet of Things at work

By Neha Agarwal, Global Proposition Director, Asset visibility IoT Solutions, BT.

As the Internet of Things comes to life, Neha Agarwal explores why asset visibility will be a game-changing application for a variety of industries. [Read more…]

Andy Rowland

Hackathons and the war of the bots.

By Andy Rowland, Head of Customer Innovation: Energy, Resources and Automotive, BT.

With personal connected devices increasingly being used to launch attacks, Andy Rowland explains why it’s the ‘war of the bots’ that will lead cyber security in the future.

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