Securing the future of innovation

By Tareque Choudhury, Head of BT Security, Middle East and Africa

We all work towards fostering an environment of creativity and innovation within our organisations, whether we find inspiration and insight from other industries or harness the potential of our employees. Sometimes, though, the race to stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends and innovations can cause us to ignore some important network security considerations.

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Mobile security: researching the risks of BYOD

With working habits changing drastically, the number of companies who encourage their people to use mobile devices to complete work is on the increase. New research from BT Security, however, reveals that many organisations are falling behind when it comes to protecting their business from the security risks this presents.

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Cyber Hacking

Foul play: cyber hacking in sport

Over the years, cybercrime has developed, grown and intensified. Though our ability to counter the attacks has improved, this complexity and sophistication of attacks is ever-increasing. [Read more…]

Lucy Cowcill

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

By Lucy Cowcill, head of communications, BT Global Government and Health

For many years, if a frontline or operational worker in the public sector asked their IT team for the latest new widget, they were told no. IT projects were often centrally run, done to an organisation and not with them and not user led. In those days, you didn’t ask, because you didn’t get.

But times are changing.

IT teams know they can do more to help transform the way that services are delivered, improving the experience of the patient or citizen and cutting costs for the organisation, by thinking more creatively. [Read more…]


Infographic: better mobility means better business

Mobility has a massive impact on business. Our mobile devices have become remote controls for our lives and this at-home experience has raised our expectations of the workplace — many employees want ‘complete flexibility’ over when and where they work. While this can be used to streamline processes and get people working when they’re most productive, it can also bring you closer to the customer.

Being flexible has many benefits for both the employer and the employee — 83 per cent of companies expect to see their employees’ productivity rise with better mobility. This handy infographic is packed with stats showing you how better mobility means better business. [Read more…]