Social care

How technology can improve the social-care journey.

By Margaret Dove, Senior Consultant – BT’s Professional Services Team.

New technology can help social-care organisations improve patient service while reducing costs. So why aren’t more of them using it? [Read more…]

How the NHS is using tech to transform healthcare.

The NHS in England is committed to making sure that all patient and care records are digitised by 2020. Here’s why that’s great news for all of us. [Read more…]

Hospital IT shows how to join the new with the old.

The decision to replace an old hospital with a completely new build is a choice that is years in the making. The NHS needs to know that it’s getting the best value possible for the citizens it serves. And so, making the most of any legacy equipment is always a priority. [Read more…]

Why the NHS needs to focus on more than just new technology.

By Glenn Carmichael, Principal Consultant, Business Transformation, BT Advise.

New technology is only part of overcoming the challenges faced by the NHS. Here’s why you need a solid plan for how your digital transformation will work. [Read more…]

Keeping things elfy

Keeping everyone elfy.

Like a kid in a toyshop.

He might have the white beard of an old man, but Santa’s a big kid really. He loves wandering round the workshops, checking out the different toys and gifts (although he’s now banned from going near pogo sticks after ‘The Great Shutdown of 2006’).

[Read more…]