Scales image from Ovum digital insurance white paper

Challenges the insurance sector faces in 2017.

As the insurance industry makes the shift to digital, customer service and business agility are increasingly important in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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Image from BT Ovum white paper

Ensuring digital success for insurers.

Digital technology is transforming the insurance industry, creating both risk and opportunity. This white paper, by Ovum, explores the changes.

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Managing the transition to the cloud: the hare and the tortoise

Transitioning to the cloud comes with its own risks. Take a look at the thoughts of two industry leading IT decision makers as they debate how to successfully make the move.

This article is about a debate that never happened, which itself says something about current IT strategies. The idea for this article was to invite the IT decision makers at two multinational manufacturing companies and have them debate the merits of private versus public networking. As it turned out, there was no debate.

While the two companies are clearly moving at different speeds, both executives are proponents of cloud-based IT environments – further evidence that the cloud versus no cloud debate is obsolete.

So we rephrased the question: how should the transition to the cloud be managed and how should the risks associated with cloud purchasing be handled? Jean-Jacques van Gils, Group IT Manager at Schréder, and Jehan Snyers d’Attenhoven, Corporate Applications and Infrastructure Manager at Aliaxis, respond. [Read more…]

Joris van Oers

The new generation of federated cloud IT: digital business success through the cloud

By Joris van Oers, CEO BT Global Services Benelux

As I often hear from customers and as our research shows a large majority of organisations, nine out of ten to be precise, sees the need for a trusted cloud services broker while 90% of large organisations expect to be using multiple clouds in the next two years.

Businesses use a mix of cloud services, public, private and hybrid. It’s as EMC’s Rens Koopman said in an interview at the occasion of the opening of our latest Benelux data centre: the cloud by definition is flexible as specific needs change the whole time, whether it’s to or from the private cloud, on premise, off premise, part public cloud and the next moment back inside.

At the same time organisations de facto use multiple cloud service providers in this dynamic context. And often it’s hard to manage it all, let alone take decisions on where to use which approach. It’s again shown in our research: 60% of organisations want help to make the right cloud choices. [Read more…]


Taking responsibility for cloud security

By Neil Lock, Director, BT Compute

An increasing number of companies are contracting cloud services to help them overcome business challenges. These include the reduction of both inefficiency and operational spending, as well as the number one priority — the ability to offer more competitive prices to customers.

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