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That February feeling

As our days start to get lighter and we edge closer towards the delights of Spring, we’re ready to take on the rest of the year with positivity. Here’s a round-up of some articles we’ve hand-picked from February, which will help you to do just that. Are you up-to-date with the most recent technology trends, and are you doing all you can to stay away from security threats?

Take it easy and let us tell you everything you need to know, we’ve got it covered. [Read more…]

Public Services PSN

BT Powering Public Services: providing one of the first PSN Certified IL3 services for Government

By Neil Mellor, Business Development Director for PSN, BT and Jason Hall, Director Crown Commercial Service & PSN, BT Global Services

Critical public services often rely on information that needs to be protected securely or at the “Restricted” (IL3) level in government speak. For example, sending sensitive personal information between Government Departments and Local Authorities, or communications within the criminal justice system would be classed as “Restricted”. Sharing this kind of sensitive information demands that additional encryption and identity protection is used, over and above the standards already adopted for the Public Services Network (PSN)

A recent announcement by the Cabinet Office, highlighted that a new addition to the PSN architecture, called the Inter Provider Encryption Domain (IPED), will allow this very sensitive information to be exchanged between service providers on behalf of their customers.  It’s a major milestone for the Government’s PSN programme. This ability to share sensitive information will help boost the growth of the PSN and enable much greater collaboration and efficiency in public service delivery.  [Read more…]

Public Service Network

PSN and public service transformation in 2014

In 2013, the Public Services Network (PSN) helped deliver significant savings in the cost of public sector communications networks. But that was only the beginning. By connecting together hundreds of different organisations, PSN has the potential to deliver a much greater prize; improving collaboration, increasing efficiency and enabling better public services.

As the New Year gets underway, it’s time to be pouring thoughts into the PSN strategy for the months ahead. In the latest Public Technology article from Jason Hall and Neil Mellor, they’ve highlighted four trends to accelerate in 2014. These are areas where progress will be repaid by greater PSN enabled transformation. [Read more…]

Christopher Powell

Tell us what you want

By Christopher Powell, BT Global Services

Within the world of education, it’s impossible to second-guess the ICT needs of the users. The application of ICT in schools is so varied, and it is changing all the time. Even with our years of experience in this sector, we knew that to develop something new (specifically for a school environment) we needed to talk to the main stakeholders involved — ICT leaders, teachers and learners.

Working with the South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL), a not-for-profit Charitable Trust, and a Regional Broadband Consortia, we asked the three stakeholder groups what they wanted from a modern ICT service. [Read more…]

Gail Boag

BYOD in the public sector seminars

BYOD in the public sector SEMINARS – Delivering mobility, agility and credibility

By Gail Boag, Head of Sales, Local Government, BT Scotland

Over the last year more and more of my local government customers have been asking me about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). It’s become a hot topic, which is why we have arranged special briefings for public sector officials on the 12th and 13th February in Glasgow and Forfar respectively.

The interest in BYOD is not surprising. I only have to look at my teenage daughters to realise how powerful mobile devices have become. Their generation has grown up with them. They’re used to being able to communicate, interact, research and share information and opinions anytime, anywhere. The physical world they inhabit is augmented and enriched by the virtual world, even if I would really rather it wasn’t at the dinner table! [Read more…]