Lucy Cowcill

The NHS: at a crossroads again

By Lucy Cowcill, head of communications, BT Global Government and Health

At every healthcare conference I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a fair few), we’ve been told that the digital revolution is passing the NHS by. We’ve heard how the NHS is ten years behind many other industries in embracing technology and learnt how much we can achieve through embracing IT.

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Craig Chadburn BT GS Social Media Lead

July — the cream of the crop

The global demand for all things digital shows no sign of slowing down, and the stream of technological innovation is in no danger of drying up. No one knows better than us how the rapidly changing landscape can impact on organisations around the world. Here’s the cream of July’s crop — looking into how technology is revolutionising workplaces in every sector.

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Bob Quin, Head of Marketing, Global Health, BT Global Services

Constant Change: NHS Change day & Health and Care Innovation Expo 2014

By Bob Quin, Head of Marketing, Global Health, BT Global Services

Change. Some of us thrive on it. Some find it scary. All we know is that in today’s world, it’s a constant.

For care organisations, change is something that is needed to transform the service to be sustainable in the future. To transform to put the patient at its heart. To rethink care and find ways to empower people, improve efficiencies and provide higher quality care at lower cost.

NHS Change Day seeks to harnesses the passion, commitment and innovation that is seen every day to challenge the status quo and try something simple but different to improve patient care.

This year, NHS Change Day coincides with Health and Care Innovation Expo 2014. [Read more…]

N3 Mobile Health

One access route, many services

By Martin Vokes, Business Manager for General Adult Mental Health Services and Technical Lead, Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

One in four people will suffer some form of mental health illness over the course of a year and ten per cent of children experience problems with their mental health at any one time, according to the Mental Health Foundation. However, spending on mental health services has fallen in England in the past two years, resulting in a strong focus by mental health trusts such as mine, the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT), on streamlining services to increase efficiency and improve care.

LPFT provides specialist health services to a population of 735,000 people across Lincolnshire for people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, and drug and alcohol problems. We’re placing greater emphasis on prevention, increasing independence and providing more care at home while reducing admissions and average length of stay. [Read more…]

Richard Phillips

The Nursing Technology Fund: round two

By Richard Phillips, Head of M.Health Practice, BT Global Services

Do you want your nurses to spend more time with their patients? Less time at the desk? The second round of the Nursing Technology Fund is open, releasing funds to help them do just that.

NHS England has made £70 million available in the 2014/15 financial year to support nurses, health visitors and midwives to use digital technology to improve patient care.

With the deadline for expressions of interest fast approaching and many technology areas that will provide demonstrable benefits to staff and patients available, the timescales are tight for you to start developing your thoughts. [Read more…]