Video killed the radio star, but it brings customers to life.

By Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insights and Futures, BT Global Services Innovation Team.

Research suggests an old technology could be the key to connecting with consumers in the future. Find out how video can provide a more personal customer experience. [Read more…]

Is it time for business to call “ACTION!” on video?

Video may have killed the radio star, but does this medium have further to go in terms of connecting with customers? Dr Nicola Millard explores in her latest paper.  [Read more…]

Social media logos

INFOGRAPHIC: Why you need to be more social.

Have you checked your company’s social media channels recently? In among your posts, tweets and charity dance-a-thon updates you’ll also have plenty of messages from your customers.

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Craig Chadburn BT GS Social Media Lead

Top tips for social media motivation

By Craig Chadburn, Social Media Manager, BT Global Services.

Social media has taken over the world. It’s how we get our news, communicate with friends, market our businesses… the whole list would take up this entire blog post. The fact is, it’s an important medium, because most people now use social media in one form or another.

Despite this, not every business has a social media strategy and lots of business people still don’t know how to effectively use it to their advantage. You’ve probably heard messages in the media (or from management) implying that without a social media presence you’re hopelessly outdated; a ‘social dinosaur’; extinct. It makes nurturing a social presence sound like such a monumental task that it might put you off starting. But it’s not completely true.

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Creating an omni-channel world for the smart store

The department store is a big personality on the high street — the roots go all the way back to 18th century London where Harding, Howell & Co. opened its doors in 17961. A periodical at the time described the store: “the present proprietors […] have spared neither trouble nor expense to ensure the establishment of a superiority over every other in Europe”2. Nowadays the story is far more complex, but department store retailers are still doing everything they can to give their consumers an unforgettable experience.

Modern technological developments are bringing a new dimension to today’s retail environment and the growth of omni-channel (a multichannel approach to sales which gives the customer a seamless service, however the customer is shopping) is enriching the shopping experience in ways previously unthought-of. To demonstrate how retailers can harness the newest technology to its full potential we’ve kitted out our fictional department store, Alexander Black, with everything it needs to deliver an experience that’s smarter and better than ever before. [Read more…]