How to avoid ghoulish conference calls this Halloween.

Double, double, toil and conference-call trouble — that’s what you want to avoid this Halloween. And our spooky infographic reveals how to do it. [Read more…]

Unraveling the collaboration conundrum with Jeroen Machiels

Jeroen Machiels is head of BT UC, Mobility and Contact Centre services in the Benelux. In our series of interviews regarding the digital possible and the Cloud of Clouds, Jeroen is the last to weigh in on the state and evolutions of his specialty. 

Additional services such as UC are offered on top of the network services, and are – as Jeroen also states – closely connected with the cloud and need to be available (anytime, anywhere, on any device) and secure. These foundational pillars power the UCC offering of BT, along with a strong partner ecosystem. [Read more…]


The beauty of collaboration is more than skin deep.

Many companies realise the need to reduce their carbon footprints. But how many of them have pledged to achieve this while also reaching one billion new customers? L’Oréal knew it needed to make the most of its technology to hit such ambitious targets, so it turned to us for a helping hand.

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The opportunity in shadow IT: Annick Vanmeulder weighs in

Spending on ‘shadow’ IT is rampant. It is touching the core of IT services and it is happening in all industries, including those that thought themselves immune, such as finance. Is IT thus becoming redundant as it loses control over the organization’s IT estate?

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Roeland Vanrenterghem

Considerations when implementing a global UC service – strategic drivers

By Roeland Vanrenterghem, Product Manager Unified Communications, BT Global Services

In this post we take a look at some key considerations regarding the global implementation of a UC service, which comes with specific questions to answer on top of the overall UCC questions.

We start with some of the strategic drivers to consider while planning for implementation of UC services on a global scale – and effectively driving adoption for it. In a next post we’ll tackle drivers and considerations regarding the actual implementation. [Read more…]